Palm Beach Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Calls Florida’s New Lethal Injection Protocol Inhumane and Unconstitutional

by Save Robert Henry

The Palm Beach Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (PBACDL) has joined with the Save Robert Henry Campaign in calling for Governor Rick Scott to stop the execution of Robert. In calling for a stay of the execution they note in their statement:

We believe that the lack of medical research, coupled with this recent experience in Ohio makes it abundantly plain that this new protocol for lethal injections in Florida does not pass constitutional muster. The experience of Dennis McGuire shows that the process fails to render the condemned unconscious before the second drug is administered. This process is clearly inhumane and in direct violation of the Florida Constitution and the U.S. Constitution’s Eight Amendment prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment.

The Palm Beach Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers denounces this new lethal injection policy as inhumane. To allow an execution to proceed in this manner is anathema to our core Constitutional values. As lawyers committed to defending the Constitutional rights of our clients, we call on Governor Rick Scott to stay Robert’s execution.

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