DePaul College of Law National Lawyers Guild Stand with Robert Henry, Issue Statement Calling for Stay of Execution

by Save Robert Henry

Florida Governor Rick Scott wants Robert Henry strapped to a gurney on March 20, 2014, so that dangerous, untested sedatives, not approved by the FDA, can be pumped into Robert Henry’s veins.

People of Florida, the United States, and the whole world have until then to voice their opposition and put a stop to this barbarism.

Citizens of conscience are encouraged to call Gov. Scott at 850-488-7146, email him at, contact him on Twitter via @FLGovScott, and reach out to him on Facebook via, to demand that he stay Robert Henry’s execution. […]

The DePaul National Lawyers Guild eagerly awaits and works for the day when our government leaves the company of authoritarian regimes that kill their citizens. For as long as the state decides to exercise this terrible power, we will do all we can to make sure that the process comports entirely and unambiguously with the law. According to a 2011 Supreme Court of Florida case, “the condemned inmate’s lack of consciousness is the focus of the constitutional inquiry” as to whether an execution is legal.4 Robert Henry’s execution will not meet this standard.

While the DePaul NLG opposes the death penalty under any circumstance whatsoever, we are particularly disturbed by this particular pending execution. We call on Gov. Scott to use his authority to stay the execution of Robert Henry and issue an executive order imposing a moratorium on capital punishment in Florida.

If Robert Henry’s execution is carried out, he will very likely suffer terribly in his last moments. Have no doubt: This is state-sanctioned torture. This execution will further erode our constitutionally guaranteed protections and make a mockery of our already tawdry, racist, and classist criminal justice system.

The decision is in Gov. Scott’s hands. American history has shown that those in power cannot be depended upon to do the right thing unless the people take it upon themselves to pressure them.

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